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Blurb about  Indium d.o.o.

Indium d.o.o. is a management consulting firm specializing in corporate restructuring, crisis management and communications.  Milan A. Račić is the CEO.

Milan Račić was an executive at Fairchild Dornier (USA/Germany) and Bombardier Aerospace (Canada). He has lead over $2 billion in aircraft sales, structured finance, and M&A transactions. Most recently, Milan Račić co-founded European robotics company, Gideon Brothers.

As Chief Growth Officer, he built Gideon Brothers’ brand with investors and sales pipeline with corporate global market leaders in logistics, supply chain and manufacturing. He is the father of five children who regularly writes and speaks on AI, robotics, strategy, leadership and change management. Milan is published in VentureBeat and the Wall Street Journal, and was a columnist for one of Croatia’s Večernji List for over 5 years. He has a Master’s Degree in Aerospace Law from McGill University, a law degree from the University of Manitoba and a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Toronto. He was admitted to the bars of New York and Massachusetts in 1996.

Motto: Nothing works like Experience. Nothing speaks like Results.

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