Indium originates, structures, manages and/or invests in...

strategic equity investments, management-led buyouts, consolidations and buildups, private placements, and growth capital financings in Croatia and other emerging markets in Central and Eastern Europe.

Investment Mission

Indium is the premier investment manager in the region.  From Indium’s perspective, “premier” does not mean being the biggest nor the most global.  “Premier” means:

  • Returns – producing the largest returns possible for our investors – always keeping in mind that it is a privilege to be entrusted with someone’s capital
  • Integrity – producing those returns while upholding the highest standards of integrity and ethical conduct – we build and preserve our good name and that of our investors – this is a legacy business
  • Focus – being the best in our chosen market niche – not trying to be everything to everybody – this is a money business, not an ego business

The Indium Advantage

  • Multidisciplinary – Indium was founded on the premise that only a multidisciplinary approach to investing can stimulate optimal performance, particularly in times of crisis.  Indium’s team offers its clients expertise across many disciplines and industries.
  • Multinational – Indium firmly believes that prudent and lucrative investing in foreign countries requires extensive financial and operational experience in foreign jurisdictions.  To that end, Indium’s team has managed complex businesses, closed deals, negotiated complex transactions, provided strategic planning and counsel, and consulted in over 17 countries.
  • Local – Although Indium’s international expertise is pivotal to its approach, the key to its success is its intimate knowledge of the local macroeconomic, microeconomic, geopolitical, and leadership climate in the countries where we operate.  We are local, and for the long term.

Business Proposals

Indium is happy to review business proposals which meet the criteria specified in our Business Proposals section of the website.